Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late Morning

Managed to fall asleep on the couch last night. I know, "How could he manage that?". Well, I'll tell you, it took dedication and years of training. That's how.

Don't try that at kids home. I'm a trained professional.

But I've been super responsible! I've done laundry! I've gone to the store for orange juice and cream and cat food! I went to the store and decided that I didn't want to wait for ham and cheese! That's the sort of productive person I've been! Don't even have the time to wait for meat!

So I've done more than enough thankyouverymuch. And now, I'm just going to throw out some links like I don't even care.

Coyotes are American Ninja-Hoboes

Kim Jong Il has been re-elected Dear Leader. What a close race that must have been! Wonder who came in second?

It's Chilly Billy Day in Pittsburgh! Does your town honor scary movie tv shows? Huh, does it punk? Thought not.

Maybe they could just call it delicious? I think anyone that invents a new style of beer should get a nationally sponsored dog as a present. Any kind they want. It's on us.

My personal experience confirms this I've had people that profess to be biblical quasi-literalists ask me who Lazarus was.

Finally, a belated thank you to Geoff who taught me how to go insane making links to things (I know, it's super hard), and to Kacee because she's lovely. And you can read about her loveliness here.

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