Friday, October 8, 2010

The Morning Blog, Coffee Cake Edition

The roommate made blueberry coffee cake today so I'm cautiously optimistic that this Friday will be relatively non-suck.

Let's see what's going on in the world, kids!

Really good news! Rescuers expect to reach the miners trapped in Chile as early as Saturday. I can't imagine how anyone could maintain their sanity after being trapped in conditions like that. Hope they're ok.

This bothers me though.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said on Sept. 19 during his last visit to the mine that he planned to personally hug each of the 33 miners as they were pulled from the rescue shaft. He is due to depart on a government tour to Europe mid-month.

Certainly, it's a nice thing to do and all but the miners are initially going to be reunited with only one or two family members. I'd hazard that they'd rather see their kids than get snuggled by a politician. Photo op much?

Hmmm. That was pretty cynical. Probably should have had some of that coffee cake before I started writing.

I'm trying to figure out what sort of things lead people to click on my links. Let's try this one: nude ballerina. It's worth following just for the name of the magazine.

Meanwhile in England.... A small town tries to cope with the fact that people seem to really like having public sex there. A lot.

The military and science (not working on my death ray, yet again), join forces to find out what's killing all the bees. Did you know bees are used in landmine detection? I bet they're really not thrilled about that.

No football for me this Sunday, Steelers got a bye week. So what will I be doing? Hmmmmm......Brains..... Zombie Fest! Shame they're not doing it at Monroeville Mall this year (site of the original "Dawn of the Dead" movie), but it's much easier for me to get Downtown. I should dress up as a sparkly vampire. And probably get lynched.

Best school assembly ever.

Eugene Robinson on the republican party's failure to compete for black votes in the Washington Post . Takeaway:

Democrats, at least, are much better at talking the talk. But is the Democratic Party offering any new ideas -- or even the promise of meaningful resources -- to eliminate the stubborn, multigenerational poverty and dysfunction in which far too many African Americans are trapped? Are Democrats addressing the vast gap in wealth between middle-class blacks and their white counterparts?

Given the stakes, I see no real choice for African Americans but to go to the polls in November and stick with the Democratic Party, which at least asks for our votes. The Republicans haven't offered an alternative. I wish someday they would.

More on Lou Dobb's employment policies. Connor Friedersdorf for the win:

I can’t prove that he’s an intellectually dishonest hypocrite who deliberately benefited financially from the very practice he says is destroying the country and exploiting its poor. It is possible he just isn’t very discerning.

I think that's just about everything that's interesting in the universe right now. Have fun with it.

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