Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Morning Blog, Day Off Edition

Things that won't be things much longer.

Mexico burns a crapload of pot. Which I assume means that the price of marijuana will rise. Which I assume means that the stakes in the drug war will rise as well. Which I assume means they'll see more, not less violence. However, they did have a military band play at the immolation. That qualifies it as somewhat jolly.

Speaking of stupid laws: Are there any laws that any of you habitually and happily violate? I personally violate open container laws almost daily. I'm comfortably certain that drinking a beer in the outdoors will not cause the nation to descend into anarchy. How 'bout you guys?

More on the budget cuts in Britain. As someone who has a strictly layman's interest in economics, I find this fascinating. I like very much the idea of looking at government services and questioning not only "is the public getting their moneys worth?", but also "why does the public have to pay for this particular program?". Well, let's see how if it works. A lot of its success or failure is going to rely on union reactions of course. These cuts aren't going to fly politically if garbage collectors go on strike for any degree of time in London.

Outgoing PA governor Ed Rendell has described his party as a bunch of wusses. My problem is this: I don't care if Democrats are backing down from their political positions or modifying them to appease voters. That sounds like a healthy, normal democracy. However, when the President actively opposes the positions he espoused as a candidate, when he expands the war on civil liberties begun by his much maligned (and deservedly so), predecessor, it's not a sign of a healthy, democratic debate. It's rank hypocrisy.

Speaking of the Mexican drug war... Good luck with that. Can't say I'd want to do that job.

Because spiders are scary...

Jumping Spider

Pretty interesting article actually. I like the idea of researches spending time making spiders fight each other.

Hi English readers! I would like to take the opportunity to express my profound respect for your countries ability to generate interesting headlines. Really, nobody can hold a candle to you guys! Nicely done!

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