Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Morning Blog, Early Day Edition

Hypocrisy watch. The Democrats are routinely outraged, Outraged! when the Right pulls these sorts of shenanigans. As they should be. It's a despicable way to hijack democracy. Not saying it should be illegal but the people responsible certainly don't deserve to hold any office.

This sounds like a lovely show actually. The New York Public Library is displaying their collection of religious texts, including their Gutenberg Bible. Wish I could go. Later, I may attempt to find more images of the texts than the ones included in the article and post some pretty, pretty pictures.

Interesting point from the article:

Though the exhibition does not point this out, the connection between monotheism and such texts is no accident. Once multiple divinities are discarded, along with their rivalries and conflicting powers, religion is concerned with just two poles: the human and the divine. Religious events take place not on Mount Olympus or in some imagined godly castle, but in the earthly realm. Religious history becomes fully part of human history. And the telling of that history, along with commentary and reinterpretation, becomes an aspect of the religion itself. These faiths are historical faiths.

That said, I still resist the authority of talking shrubbery, self-immolating or otherwise.

Dickens Watch. A terrible misuse of orphans! Surely, there are still chimneys to sweep!

I'm sure it was just a chemistry experiment. Higher education, what what?

This can't be good. Somehow I doubt that malarial mosquitoes are going to have the decency to evolve into not-being-a-really-bad-thing mosquitoes. Because as Pittsburghers say; they're jagoffs.

And Finally...

Boys and their toys.

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