Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morning Blog, I don't Want to go to Work Edition

Algeria's radical diet craze that's sweeping the nation!

Does this surprise anybody? Anybody at all? Just speak up if you're shocked......Anybody? Crickets...

And yet, tea partiers continue to be described as 'libertarian' both by the media and themselves. Let's be clear here....You don't get to use that label if you're only interested in the rights you like. You don't get to call yourself libertarian if you're in favor of a smaller bureaucracy with regards to health care, but would love to see the creation of a Department of Whatcha Doin' with that Fella.

Doesn't work folks. Doesn't work.

Raise the age for social security benefits. Please. We live longer, we're healthier, we can wait a few more years in order to avoid bankrupting our children.

Looking at you here Boomers...Hate to say it, but you're just going to have to toil a couple of years longer.

Google TV. I'm new to this so not really sure what my take on it is, in regards to the big networks (by big networks, I mean NBC, CBS et al. Rabbit ears stuff), not signing on as programming partners from the get go. Seems like a bad decision to me....I have the sense that regular tv networks are going to go the way of the newspapers.

Must have been a slow day in Uniontown.

Wow. WTF Uniontown? You guys need to stop popping up in the news like this.

This article probably has the best line ever about the tremendous, economic swamp EVERYBODY is looking at because of unfunded pensions for public employees.

"It would not be an imminent disaster."

Nope, just one in a couple of years.

Our friends in the Middle East. How strange that this would happen in a society with such profoundly enforced sexual repression? You could probably file this under "Sad, Sad Hypocrisy Watch".

Last one for the day.

You gotta be kidding me. Firefighters watch a families house burn down because they hadn't paid a $75 subscription fee. Way to go heroes.

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