Monday, October 18, 2010

The Morning Blog, Late Night Edition

Late, late night last night. Woof. Gonna be light blogging today.

I suspect that there might be just a few better ways for him to spend his time, but this might be the headline of the day. Also, featuring death rays.

Should industrial espionage really be considered....well, espionage? I don't understand why it isn't just considered to be intellectual property theft. That said, if these are considered espionage cases, is the death penalty being considered? The idea of someone being given the death penalty for stealing insecticide recipes is pretty alarming.

What happens in the mine, stays in the mine. Nice quote about the media:

“I’ve had nightmares these days,” Mr. Reygadas said from the cramped tent, as reporters jostled for space. “But the worst nightmare is all of you.”

Steelers linebacker; James Harrison is a pretty scary man. And an absolute beast on the field. Speaking of the Cribbs hit, I don't know what to tell you about it. Watching it at the time, it seemed as though the Browns play had completely fallen apart. What I saw, was Cribbs, basically left alone, with Harrison, Lamar Woodley and Aaron Smith all lined up against him. Why would you do something like that? What did they think was going to happen? Here's video if you're interested. Not denying that it wasn't helmet to helmet, I just think that it was a remarkably flawed play by the Browns.

Speaking of industrial espionage: For the first time ever, firms are reporting greater losses due to electronic rather than physical theft. It's amazing to me that China hasn't seen significant damage to their economy because of this: 98% of firms report having been affected by fraud there and almost half of respondents say that fear of fraud had kept them from investing in emerging markets like China.


Stand up for fat bus drivers.

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