Friday, October 22, 2010

The Morning Blog

The French are being French as they continue to destroy their economy in order to avoid working for a few years longer.

One union leader compared Sarkozy's raising of the retirement age from 60 to 62 to the Nazi round-up of Jews. Really, guys? Really? A little sense of proportion here, if you don't mind.

The African Union has requested that the UN launch an air and naval blockade of Somalia. My honest first thought was "But the Somalis don't have any planes?". Sort of confused about why there are international sanctions against Somalia for that matter. It's not as though there's any sort of government there that can be punished.

Pretty embarrassing for the Brits: One of their stealth submarines got stuck in the mud.

Berlusconi talks trash. Sadly, this has nothing to do with hookers.

There must be an election going on because suddenly being successful implies that you're evil.

Matt Doheny, a Republican who is running in New York, became a target of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for, among other things, an island he purchased.

“While we struggle, Matt Doheny relaxes on his private island of Caprice with millions made from our misery,” said the ad, which juxtaposes two people sitting on a beach in straw hats, taking in a sunset, with images of economic strife.

Totally made out of our misery. In fact, Matt Doheny is CEO of Unhappiness Corp. They make shoes out of kittens.

More on the Canadian serial killer. The military will strip him of rank and all honor but...still has to cover his pension.

Not necessarily the best time to report fraud.

Happy Birthday Universe! Now what sort of present can I get you that you don't have...

The military spent $18.77 billion developing bomb detecting equipment that works nearly as well as this high-tech device.

And finally...

The Top 25 Horror Movies of All Time.

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