Monday, October 18, 2010

On the Blog

I've been working pretty hard on this thing and it's been pretty gratifying that people are actually looking at it with some frequency. I was certainly excited the day my pageviews passed the 400 mark (Nicely done number 400! You're my new best friend! 401 - 403, you guys need to try harder). At this point, it's grown from unnoticeable to insignificant!

Some day, I will be king.

That said, I'm shortly going to be taking some time off to travel to the mythical land known to the Illuminati as "Seattle". After that, there's going to be another break in programming when my beautiful girlfriend makes a pilgrimage out here.

And I'm pretty happy about it. As gratifying as doing this is, there are times when it just becomes a bit too much. I find myself drowning in information at times. I'll glance up at the clock, realize that I have to get ready for work RIGHT NOW and that I've spent the last hour examining policy proposals for zombie attacks.

So I love it. But man oh man....Am I looking forward to a bit of radio silence!

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