Monday, October 4, 2010

Still Early Enough to Call it the the Morning Blog

Foreign Policy goes after the pitfalls of drone attacks. My personal feeling is that they should be used heavily for intelligence and only very, very rarely as offensive weapons, particularly in asymmetrical wars.

I remember an article that came out some time ago, about the possibility of purely remote controlled combat. One of the issues with it is that if a combatant nation or group is unable to wage war effectively against robotic forces then they're going to have every incentive to redirect their violence against civilians. Shooting down endless fleets of drones or blowing up battalions of robotic tanks won't provide the same effects as blowing up a subway station for example.

Obviously, it's all theoretical (sadly as much so as my death ray....Come one Science!), but it's a condition that's being moved towards steadily. I'd encourage debate not only on when to use drones, but also on how enemies will feel they need to react to them.

This relates somewhat to what I was speaking to earlier about the Right fringe in America. They don't dream about a better tomorrow, rather they have nightmares about today. Takeaway quote:

Diane Wood, a retired auditor and past club president from western Kentucky, who attended the lunch, said there was “a lot of apathy” among Democrats. “The Tea Party is very appealing to people in my end of the state,” she said. “When people are against something, that always motivates them more to come out and vote.”

That said, I have to agree with Paul on raising the age for Social Security benefits. Seems a no-brainer to me. We're simply living longer and simply can't afford to pay out benefits for as long. Christopher Buckley has made some pretty interesting suggestions also...

Love you Ma and Da!

The history of the Congo is one long, litany of nightmare. What's amazing is that it's quality of life is so poor largely because it's resources are so rich. It's a fat wallet in a room full of thieves.

I really want this show to work. Frankly, the people from Arrested Development could make a show about a cardboard box and I'd watch the hell out of it. Anyone know if Fox has started tracking views online? I really don't understand why the networks don't take internet viewings into account when determining ratings.

A little unsure about the provision in this law saying that people with concealed handguns aren't allowed to drink in bars. I think that's going to work about as well as telling people with car keys that they shouldn't drink in bars.

That said, Tootsies is an awesome bar and everybody should drink there at least once. Last time I was there, I was viciously assaulted by a woman for making fun of Nascar.

I hate to say it but this eavesdropping scandal doesn't particularly surprise me coming out of England. The surveillance state there is simply ubiquitous.

Here's a handy hypo for any political junkies out there looking for a daily shot.

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