Monday, October 18, 2010


Jeffrey Goldberg has a good post concerning the poisonous generalizations being made on the Right concerning Islam.

I've spoken about this before here. I repeat my dictum: It is impossible to talk about Muslim political behavior because....There are billions of Muslims! Billions of people that have their own interests, their own concerns and their own ways of going about them. Even Sharia, the current arch-boogeyman of the Right, has a myriad of interpretations and implementations. We need to settle down and accept that we are simply not able to speak of how billions of people feel. Goldberg lays out what's ultimately at risk here....

It is obviously difficult for many people to differentiate between Islam and political Islamism, the ideological strand within Islam that breeds terrorism and extremism. But it is exceedingly important to understand that difference; if we don't, we will give al Qaeda what it wants -- a civilizational struggle between the West and all of Islam.

The post in its entirety is well worth a read.

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