Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Morning Blog

Hi Guys: Some of you may have noticed that my posting has been relatively light over the past few weeks. I've been really, really occupied and simply haven't had the time to jump into the interwebs. Between Seattle and the visit by the girlfriend, I've just been preoccupied. However, I should be able to get back into regular posting as off...Well, now of course.

The Economist has its say on America's commitment of $3 billion worth of military technology (including I believe, some 20 advanced fighter jets), to Israel in return for what? Not building what I see as incredibly provocative settlements for the grand sum of 90 days. It would clearly be political suicide for any American President to propose this but wouldn't it be more effective to just say "Don't do this. Any more. Or you get nothing. Ever." All in all, seems like we're spending an enormous amount of money in somebody elses back yard in exchange for very little gain.

Here's a late rehash on the humbling drubbing the Steelers received at the hands of Handsome Tom Brady and the Patriots. Really just an awful game all around. I think it's regrettable that our kicker Jeff Reed continues to act like a prima donna but that's sort of par for him.

This is interesting: Accused Russian weapons smuggler, Viktor Bout has been extradited to the United States by Thailand. Moscow is responding with predictable outrage after doing all it could to get the Thais to deport him back to Russia. I would personally really, really like to know what knowledge Bout possesses that has the Russians in such a uproar. What does he know that has to be hidden from the courts? For that matter, what does he know about clients of his that were backed by the US? Anyways, if convicted he could face life imprisonment. Maybe we'll luck out and he'll write a book. He may definitely have some time on his hands.

The Senate race in Alaska goes on and on and on and on...

Oh my...Politics truly is just entertainment now. Bill Clinton will appear in the Hangover 2. Mind you now: Not just a dumb buddy comedy, but a SEQUEL TO A DUMB BUDDY COMEDY. So much for going out into the political sunset, revered as an elder statesman.

Some months ago, scientists created a theoretical blueprint for a functioning invisibility cloak. Still just theoretical mind you but I know! Neat, right? Anyways, never ones to be outdone, scientists have now upped the ante: a space-time cloak.

Way to go Science!

Out of Africa, always something new: 66 year old Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni is an underground hip-hop star with his hit "You Want Another Rap?". Evidently the party in opposition is responding with a single of their own tentatively titled: "Your Rap is Crap".

Boys and their toys... Coming soon to a battlefield near you!

In case you were wondering, here are the things Iggy Pop requires concert promoters to provide him with backstage. Not entirely sure what he's up to with that Bob Hope impersonator but well...He's Iggy Pop.

I hate to end things on a bad note but...

This is just distasteful: A man who was convicted of manslaughter after mowing down a child while driving 83 mph in a 45 mph hour zone is now suing the parents because the boy wasn't wearing a bike helmet at the time.

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