Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Mornning Blog, Midnight Edition

I know, I know. I promised I would be getting back into my regular schedule of posting. Unfortunately, this morning my faithful laptop simply would not start. The solution? Take out the battery. Doesn't make a pile of sense but it saves me a trip to the computer repair people...A trip that right now, I really can't afford.

So what the hell has been happening today?

Haiti is getting weird. Violent and weird. I'm not really sure how that differs from the norm but regardless, things are heating up down there. Violent rioting has erupted against UN peacekeepers in the country who are thought to have caused the cholera epidemic. Interestingly enough, it seems to be targeted against the Nepalese. NO ONE SUSPECTS THE NEPALESE!!!

North Korea is in dire need of food aid. Again, not so sure how that differs from the norm but...This is sort of interesting:

The South Korean government did send small shipments of rice and instant noodles to the North last month, part of an $8.5 million aid package agreed on earlier by the two countries. Analysts and donors have expressed concern that the food aid from the South will be diverted to the North’s political elite and the military.

Kim Jong-Il is going to be stuck with Ramen noodles? Well...That's sorta awesome actually.

Christopher Hitchens by they way, nicely describes North Korea here.

His post is well worth reading. He mentions the darkness of North Korea at night, you can view a satellite image of it here.

Iran continues to act like everyone's out to get them. ONCE AGAIN, not sure how this differs from the norm. Sort of tired of saying that. Frankly, people are 'out to get' Iran. That's obvious. It's become a mainstay of American foreign policy in the Mideast. Whether or not that's a good thing is debatable, but it is a fact.

Well, the drug war is going just splendidly. Northeast Mexico now has a displaced persons camp purely for folks fleeing the violence.

This strikes me as a profound shame. I'm a huge supporter of microfinance both in developing countries as well as in the US. I really think that they're critically important to the poor. Sometimes you just need $100 or $200 to see you through 'til the next paycheck. That's not an amount that a normal bank would underwrite but it can make the difference between whether or not you can fix your toilet or from a third world perspective, gather the bare essentials necessary to become self-dependent.

Oh God, no... I'd like so much to JUST ONCE not be presented with a choice of the best of two evils. That's all I'm asking.

Actually, that's really not a fair thing to say. I really don't like Obama as a President. But I fear Palin as one. I truly do.

Would one of my British readers please, please clear this up for me? What precisely is a real ale? I'm drinking a lovely India Pale Ale as I write this...Please explain whether or not it is in fact, imaginary.

We're all going to die.

And finally...

If anyone is flying the night before Thanksgiving, please just say 'no.' The security theater has gone way too far. The best way to react to the massive inconveniences (not to mention indecencies), being suffered by American air travelers? Inconvenience the officious bureaucrats overseeing it. See how long it lasts.

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