Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Which Your Author Considers Dissolution

Oh boy...I'm gonna buy myself something very special. And very expensive I might add. Terribly, terribly expensive.

Please don't ask how expensive. You'll only make my parents worried.

At any rate, I sincerely hope that it's worth it! Here are some reviews that definitely look promising. I guess the challenge for me is going to be saving these beers. They really are extraordinarily expensive and are meant to be cellared like wine. It shouldn't be that hard though. With an ABV like that and the impression I'm getting of really complex, almost thick flavors, I really don't see myself putting down more than one a month.

Sort of interesting though, that I'm making an arguably frivolous purchase at a time when I need to start thinking about saving squirreling some cash away. I would argue that it's the sort of thing that does fit into my budget (it just takes up a fairly sizable chunk of it). I don't really buy a lot of stuff that's just for my enjoyment so I think I deserve it.

I would ask: What's the greatest, least useful thing you ever bought?

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