Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Morning Blog

Everyone gets invited to the party but us. Iran has invited China, Russia and some EU countries to a fun sleepover featuring an educational tour of their uranium enrichment facilities. Which is way better than a clown and may even rival a pony ride. Sadly, the US will have to spend Friday night alone...again. Sigh...all dressed up and nowhere to go...

Do you want to know the rarest thing I ever spotted? Walter Mathau. I saw him wandering cage free, through the streets of Pittsburgh one afternoon during a pickup basketball game. So rare to see a celebrity outside of its natural habitat. Anyways, this ten year old girl has discovered a supernova. More impressive? Perhaps. However, completely unlikely to restart the "Grumpy, Old Men" franchise.

The perfect setting for a horror movie: A psychiatric hospital built on the graves of 220 victims of the Nazi euthanasia program. I certainly don't say this to be flip, I say this because really: how horrifying!

Good news but.... An Ugandan court has barred the media from publishing the names and photos of suspected homosexuals. It's a positive step indeed but bear in mind, this is also the country that recently kicked around the idea of making homosexuality punishable by death. Still, a tiny step forward is better than a leap back.

I'm willing to bet that your new years weekend wasn't spent nearly as productively as these guys.

Mixed bag here: Obama may take steps to close Guantanamo Bay. Which is great. However, he may be doing it via the same methods used by George Bush the younger that massively expanded executive authority. He may issue a signing statement which effectively translates as "your laws are all well and good but unfortunately, these particular ones don't apply to me."

Tourists are being allowed into Carlsbad Caverns? That's lovely. Caving is a really amazing thing to do. But I was under the impression that all of the caves had been closed to protect the bats that are being wiped out by white nose syndrome. Maybe the closures are just a Northeast thing.

I imagine that I'm going to make some people extremely angry at me for saying this but here goes: Remove the absurd, dark age, authoritarian, misogynist religious bullshit involved in this case and it'd be a non-issue. Everyone involved would be moving on with their lives by now.

Feel like a bit more outrage? How about this: A drunk, off-duty Pittsburgh cop shoots a man without provocation. Gets reinstated. Who picks up the bill when it comes time to settle with the understandably upset gentleman that was shot out of hand? The good people of Pittsburgh. 'Natch. The amount of unaccountability here is indescribable. I want an explanation as to why this pig isn't in jail.

After those two items, I have to say that this is significantly less outrageous. It maintains an air of mystery however. Can anyone think of an offensive seven-letter word?

Pictures of Detroit in ruins. I was born there and have done a pretty good job of never returning.

Kacee Bait: Here are some short, UFO films set in Israel for you to look at.

The palace of Versailles is to be set up with a luxury hotel. To complete the sense of aristocracy that visitors can enjoy, people that fail to tip their maids will be beheaded.

Let's wrap things up with one more video. And in case you needed one, it's another perfect example of police professionalism! A DEA Agent shoots himself in the leg after announcing before an audience: “I am the only one in the room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this Glock 40.”

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