Sunday, January 16, 2011

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This story about the Andes and their melting glaciers has so many fun elements they're hard to list. In no particular order, beef carcasses, the ritual sacrifice of cocaine and (naturally), ICE MUMMIES all get a mention.

Cuts both ways I guess: A victim of the shooting in Tucson has been arrested and involuntarily committed after making violent, incendiary statements about the Tea Party and Republicans. I think it's understandable that he's a bit upset.

Wow. What a game last night! I have to admit to feeling extreme trepidation through the first half after a few bafflingly damaging turnovers. But the second half belonged completely to the Steelers. I knew we locked the Ravens up in the third but wasn't aware of how strongly our defense performed over all. 28 yards...That's all the Ravens managed after halftime. Amazing. Well done, gentlemen! Well done.

And here is our report card.

Onto the AFC Championship game!

Kacee Bait: What do you get when you combine Debbie Gibson with Tiffany and (just for good measure), Mickey Dolenz of "The Monkees"? "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid naturally!

Happily, John McCain has reverted to being a statesman:

There are too many occasions when we lack that empathy and mutual respect on all sides of our politics, and in the media. But it is not beyond us to do better; to behave more modestly and courteously and respectfully toward one another; to make progress toward the ideal that beckons all humanity: to treat one another as we would wish to be treated.

Any article mentioning a team up between Iran, Venezuela and Libya can't possibly be good news.

France's National Front has picked a new leader. Specifically, they picked the daughter of the old leader. I think the first line of analysis sums it up nicely:

Marine Le Pen is the latest in a younger generation of far-right leaders in Europe seeking to shake off the old fascist legacy with a softer message.

Fascism and a softer message go together like chocolate and bricks. Not a perfect blend, I think.

Yikes! Beards!

Gaddafi has condemned the uprising in Tunisia. My first thought is that he's wearing a remarkably subdued outfit. A bit disappointing, he's the most fashion-forward dictator I think. My second thought...Looking at the picture, does it strike you as it strikes me, that he just got a dozen copies of three different books to line his shelves?

Finally...The US Immigration Service has yet again, foiled the dastardly plans of a would be illegal alien! Undoubtedly, he would quickly get a job as an illegal Goofy!

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