Saturday, January 22, 2011

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The New York Times runs down the sad position reproductive rights are facing on the state level. Though I would despair of the pro-choice and pro-life movements ever finding a common ground, can both sides at least concede that doctors and patients should be making heath care decisions (and many of these proposed restrictions are precisely, curbs upon health care decisions), rather that bureaucrats?

This is touching and very, very sad: The families of other mass murderers and serial killers are reaching out to the parents of Jared Loughner to offer solace and comfort. I'd imagine that those poor people certainly need it, they are victims as much as anyone, of his terrible rampage.

So long Keith Olberman. Can't say I'm terribly sad to see you go. Wish you'd be joined in retirement by some of your compatriots on the right (like this guy for example). All the same though, I like to think that politics will be a touch less scream-y.

Did you know that there's a football game tomorrow? Did you know that it's a rather important one? Anyways, as is customary, our politicians are making bets on it. Gotta say that the bet between the mayors is a bit more serious than the bet between the governors. The mayoral bet involves humiliation. I'm wondering where the Terrible Towel or stupid Jets firefighter hat will be placed?

Domino effect. Pretty weird chain of events frankly.

Ever watch a zombie movie and wonder how it's possible that nobody in the movie appears to have ever seen a zombie movie? They seem to know what a zombie is, sure. And yet they seem completely flummoxed by how to handle them. Simple things like "Whack 'em on the head!" or "Stay away from people that have been bit!" don't seem to occur to anyone until it's almost too late. Evidently, roboticists have never seen any movies about killer robots. The last thing they need is an evolutionary process or the ability to grow from an infant to an adult form! Sigh...Best get ready for the rise of the machines. Evidently, they're going to be made of Legos, just to add insult to injury.

Here's a profile of Britain's most notorious drunk. Gotta say...Getting banned from EVERYWHERE is quite an accomplishment! A dubious one perhaps but still! That's the sort of thing that really involves some effort!

Pretty good example of why celebrity philanthropists make me nervous: Madonna had a number of villagers in Malawi forced off their ancestral land in order to build a girls school. And then she changed her mind. Singing and acting is all well and good (with caveats of course), but meddling with education and land rights in another country might be a bit out of her sphere of expertise.

Right on schedule!

When I finally get around to going to London to visit my super-genius niece, this is where I plan to take her.

And now to make some chicken...

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