Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Duane Claridge strikes me as sort of an anti-Assange. While both of them are private citizens engaged in gathering information clandestinely, they appear to come from diametrically opposed points on the political spectrum. Assange seems to be a sort of anarcho-pacifist. Whereas Claridge's political philosophy seems to more of the "STOMP 'EM! STOMP 'EM! USA! USA!" variety. At any rate, the man certainly has an interesting hobby. Personally, I'm considering coin collecting.

India's democracy remains a remarkably messy thing. In the face of this though, it's still remarkable to me that their economy is growing so quickly. You have a fun sort of contrast between authoritarian China with a rapidly advancing infrastructure and India with...well, pretty much whatever the hell works!

Speaking of China...The New York Times compares trade tensions with China to those felt with Japan in the '80s. Personally, I don't know that we necessarily "beat" Japan. I kind of think that they rather capably beat themselves due to a toxic mix of protectionism, a real estate bubble, a corporate culture that really does not award innovation and just to throw it out there, tentacle porn. I think that though China certainly has the ability to fall prey to these issues (well, maybe not the porn thing), the sheer mass of the country should help boost them through.

Uh... Big game today. I like our odds.

A state bankruptcy bill is supposedly imminent. Good news: It might provide states with a tool when negotiating with public employee unions. Bad news: It will devastate the municipal bond market, something I imagine quite a few people have pension funds invested in.

Folks are talking about not talking about Palin. Wanna talk about it? Personally, I'd LOVE to never feel the need to mention that vapid creature again. And could certainly choose not to, because I am not a responsible journalist. I'm a blogger and have the freedom to write about what I damn well please. The people making these calls however...are. And I can't really support that sort of thing. Regrettably, she is occasionally newsworthy. It just smacks of self-censorship.

Here's something new that wants to eat you.

Wow! Sorta scary...But WOW!

Finally...The fashion police weren't involved. Rather it was police of a more conventional sort. At any rate, given the circumstances, this rates as a rather poor clothing decision.

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