Monday, January 24, 2011

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Some game huh? I certainly had high hopes for the Steelers but had no expectation of the absolute dominance they showed in the first half. Frankly, I was hoping for a shut out. So very, very much...Oh and hey! It was Myron Cope's birthday! Double Yoi!

And that is awesome.

Oh, and I guess Green Bay accomplished something as well yesterday. Congratulations. Their fans traditionally wear cheese hats. That's not something I can support. At all.

Oh, serious things actually happened today as well it seems:

In the wake of Wikileaks, it becomes more and more apparent that all diplomats are either blabbermouths or prone to leaving sensitive documents lying about on the bus. Al-Jazeera has obtained documents showing that the PLO offered major concessions on Jerusalem to Israel during negotiations, in contrary to public declarations.

This is certainly promising: Police in Zimbabwe actually did their job and thwarted a property invasion by so called "war-veterans" and supporters of Mugabe. Considering that Mugabe's disastrous land reforms have reduced Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa, to penury, protecting tourist resorts is certainly too little too late. But at least it's something.

More on Zimbabwe here. Why am I not surprised that North Korea is involved?

Looks like Baby-Doc Duvalier will be standing trial for his crimes. He seems to have a strange misunderstanding of a word though. Perhaps it's a typo in the article? He's announced that he's ready to face "persecution". No, no Baby-Doc. That's not the right word. You're thinking of "prosecution". Persecution is when people are tortured or made to disappear and terrorized by the state. I would have thought he'd have a better understanding of that.

Sort of an interesting article here about the conflicts between a blogger and his community.

The pope will probably not answer your friend request.

Very, very, very troubling: The House will have hearings on radicalism in the Muslim community. Describing it as 'McCarthyism' is no exaggeration, particularly when Rep. King, the man responsible for the hearings, is producing fanciful and uncorroborated statements like "85% of mosques are run by radicals". It sounds chillingly familiar.

Government Waste, Space Edition: The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency spends billions of dollars a year. Manages to duplicate the services provided for free by Google Earth.

Is it just me or does it seem as though there's little difference between the theoretical work of string theorists and stuff stoned high school kids talk about?

Happy Birthday, Beer Cans!

Organic food is all well and good. However, a report has determined that unless genetically modified food is embraced by the agriculture industry, we can expect to see food prices double.

Neighbors and neighbors and neighbors and neighbors: China is creating a mega-city with 42 million people. It's expected to be twice the size of Wales.


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