Thursday, January 27, 2011

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It's another snowy, gray day today. I remember when I would have greeted this sort of thing with gasps of joy. Oh for the happiness of childhood and a snow day off from school!

I think grownups should have snow days. That and Transformers.


Know what else isn't getting a snow day today? Protests in Egypt, that's what. The Tunisians aren't taking the day off either for that matter. It's amazing how decentralized these protests are proving to be. They don't seem to be motivated by any particular political philosophy other than a violent aversion to whoever is in charge. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily. I just wonder where they're going to take things.

Nothing to see here, folks. Please move along.

A Dose of Perspective: There's been a lot of talk in America of late about how tone, a general lack of civility and violent rhetoric may have (probably not), led to actual political violence. This is what it actually looks like when that sort of thing happens.

Nelson Mandela has been hospitalized for routine tests. I certainly hope he's feeling well and is able to return to his life shortly. The man is a living saint.

Maybe not this sort of living saint... Oh the fun to be had with a random Google search!

The article is spotty on details but apparently he was visited by his ghastly ex-wife. I was under the impression that she was in jail? I guess that isn't the case unfortunately.

A member of the Tea Party elected on an anti-tax platform has run up against the hard fact of basic revenue collection. Someone's gotta pay for this crap:

"As is the case elsewhere in New York State and the nation, this is the convergence of anti-tax fervor and a lack of political will to make the expense cuts necessary to balance the budget," Stokes, the NIFA board member, told Reuters.

Regrettable: Looks like Aaron Smith will not be playing in the Super Bowl. It's probably for the best though. He's one of my favorite players and I'd hate to see him aggravate his injury and possibly lose out on another season.

In other sports injury news, someone got hurt... jousting.

Hundreds of rabbis have decided that they've had quite enough with that meshuggener over at Fox. I can agree. Enough with the Nazi allegories already! It's getting tired! Pick a new group to compare Democrats to. Perhaps the Khmer Rouge or something...I dunno. Be creative!

While I've always maintained that olives can be treacherous, this really, REALLY seems a bit much.

Where were the police during this fracas?!?!?

A wives take on Davos. Oh the zippy fun of the World Economic Forum! It's gotta be the wonkiest sleepover ever!

Well, except for the explosion... Goddamn communists.

Let's just accept that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the greatest monster ever and be done with it. I don't want them to be scavengers. It kills the glory of an epically terrible beast. It's sort of like putting power boats in the Odyssey. Just makes everything less cool.

Render unto Caesar...

Kacee Bait: Baby, this sounds so much cooler than law school!

A US consular official managed to get involved in a gunfight in Pakistan. Probably not a diplomatic high point.

Calling Mario. The CIA needs you!

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