Sunday, January 30, 2011

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The New York Times reports that police have withdrawn from major Egyptian cities. Meanwhile, the military is taking no actions against protesters and in some cases, showing solidarity: several armored personnel carriers moved at the front of one group of protesters and anti-Mubarak graffiti has appeared on armored vehicles. There's speculation that this is withdrawal is a tactic by the police to encourage looting and violence, thus justifying a violent crackdown. I would wonder how that's going to work out though, now that the military has established such a presence.

Speaking of Egypt, here's your Daily Dose of the Obvious.

Meanwhile, things in America must be pretty awesome given that we even have time to ponder the collision of civil liberties with a tasty chicken sandwich. Here are some takes on it:

“I’m not a fan of Jesus at all, but I still go to Chick-fil-A maybe once a week,” said Tony Parker, 25, of San Antonio. “Your reason for not going to a fast-food place is bad customer service and poor food quality, not religion.” 

But Douglas Quint, a concert bassoonist who operates The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in New York during the summer, said he believed that people should make informed decisions about their food.
“It literally leaves a bad taste because I know the people who are putting this food in my mouth actively loathe me,” he said. “I’m all for freedom of religion, it’s just that I know where I want my money to go and I don’t want my money to go.”

Both seem perfectly reasonable. They do make pretty tasty sandwiches but I absolutely support the idea of not spending money on a company that feeds you with one hand while advocating against your interests with the other. Both positions are strong, libertarian ones.

A quick note on the tough gun control laws in New York city, undoubtedly the safest city on earth:

The day I visited John Jovino Gun Shop, on Grand Street, a happy, ruddy-faced family followed me in, pushing a stroller. They were visiting from Sweden, they explained before anyone thought to ask, and they wanted to make sure to see a real live gun store. 

I informed them that New York is one of the hardest places in the world to buy a gun. They seemed surprised. 

In fact, I said, the whole process can take up to six months. They laughed. In Sweden, they said, you can buy one on the street. 

We all know what a violent hell Sweden is...

Interesting question here: If the Steelers win the Super Bowl, will Roethlisberger start being an utter bastard again? I can't answer that personally. What I can say is this: My question at the beginning of the season when there was talk of dropping him was "What's more likely in the case of Roethlisberger in his remaining years on the field, another Super Bowl or another sexual assault charge?". Frankly, we'll have to see. I wish him the best but he's got a long, long way to go before I think fans can in good conscience, respect him.

What a crappy child.

You have to give it to the Scots, they're a pretty hardy people. This one fell off a goddamn mountain and was found standing on his feet, reading a map.

Taco Bell has enlisted the aid of the Super Delicious Ingredients Force in order to protect the honor of their beef, which I believe, is graded as being of lower quality than dog food. But hey, I'm more than happy to give new super heroes their due. Have fun with the clip.

Oh my.

Elton John is besieged by Gypsies! I'm going to haul out a regrettable stereotype and assume that they're after his baby.

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