Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Morning Blog, Haiku Edition

Sorry I slept in everybody. It was a late night.

In order to keep things short, I present you Morning Blog, Haiku Edition:

Egypt Celebrates Mubaraks Departure

Wind Blows through the sand.
A Sphynx stares across the wastes.
Its nose has fell off.

Obama Encourages Egypt's Military to Respect Democracy

ACORNs become oaks,
And shelter peaceful creatures.
They don't fall on them.

Another Priest, Another Sex Scandal

That's a load of crap!
Police should investigate!
Hope he goes to jail!

We're Out of Money

Squirrels can't find their nuts.
They search for them in the ground.
Now what will they do?

Some Guy Runs Amok Stabbing People

These anger issues,
Are triggered in the morning.
Better to sleep in.

Bon Jovi in Pittsburgh

Wow! Look at that hair!
Not bad for a man his age.
Still, his songs are dumb.

Groupon Will Pull Its Tibet Super Bowl Ad

Learn to take a joke!
It's just not that serious!
Folks need to relax.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

Unlucky in love,
Folks donate their detritus.
The gnome seems so sad.

Nonsensical Allegations about the Pernicious Effects of Video Games

First it was comics.
Then rock and roll was evil.
Games join a proud group!

Berlusconi Deserves a Mention This Close to Valentines Day

Silvio will pine,
For ladies that have moved on.
Who's his Valentine?

I am now utterly bored with this poem structure.

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