Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Mubarak has announced that this will be his final term in office and he will step down when it ends in September. Protersters have announced that that really isn't soon enough, thank you. The military however, seems to find this to be an acceptable resolution to the crisis and has urged protesters to return home. They looked on without intervening as a huge clash erupted between thousands of pro and anti government protesters in front of the Egyptian Museum.

Video is available here.

I should mention that some of the pro-government forces launched a cavalry charge from the backs of camels.

Here is a sliver of good news coming out of Egypt though: The director of antiquities has announced that museums and archeological sites are safe. The last thing the worlds history needs is another disaster like Iraq when treasure troves of antiquities were looted and sold.

Meanwhile in Yemen...

Meanwhile in the Sudan...

Looks like Irish documents may be the way to go if you're a spy: Ireland expelled a Russian diplomat over the theft of Irish documents for use in spying in the US. This comes after Ireland expelled an Israeli diplomat over the use of Irish documents in the assassination of a Hammas official in Dubai. Personally, I would be suspicious of someone named Seamus Illyich McRomanof but that's just me.

More on Baby-Doc: He's now claiming to have started democracy in Haiti. Which is pretty impressive but nothing quite like Kim Jong Ils invention of the hamburger.

Your daily laugh, Pittsburgh edition.

And here are some kill-joys. Lovely: The cops will be wheeling out the sonic weapon used to disperse crowds during the G-20 and using it against Steelers fans. How nice that they got another chance to use that thing.

Good News! Pennsylvania's Magical Witch-Rat has predicted an early spring! The sacrificial virgins paid off!

This is pretty rare behavior from prosecutors and should be commended: After spending 27 years in prison, prosecutors are backing a man's attempts to prove his innocence. DNA has already shown him to be innocent of two of the three rape charges he was convicted on and there's strong circumstantial evidence pointing towards a serial rapist serving time that preyed on the same community. As I said, this is pretty rare. Often prosecutors will work for convictions rather than justice so they deserve some accolades on this one. However, one has to wonder what would have happened had this been a case that the current prosecutor had been involved in (since it happened 27 years ago, I assume it is not). Would they be so free with their support?

Yeah, yeah. A nasty storm hit most of the US. But what the hell is going on with the weather in Australia? Between the floods and now a cyclone, it's like they're turning into Asia's Haiti.

Here's something of interest to West Virginians. I can only imagine that WVU will begin an in depth study of the longhorn crazy ant shortly.

Here's one of those evil, conniving billionaires we hear so much about. Naturally, he only wants to eradicate polio because it's hard to sell Xboxes to crippled children.

I think it says something about how Germany has changed over the last sixty odd years when it takes 2,500 cops to evict 25 people.

Speaking of Germany, Scandinavians are planning a sea tunnel to make reaching Germany easier. I'm just going to come right out and denounce this as a typically underhanded Viking plot.

Here's an expose on the dark, and big, very, very big, I mean huge, have you seen these guys? underbelly of sumo wrestling.

Took me a second to think up a fat joke for that link. Hope it went over ok!

Eh...We've got Vikings....sumos....let's end things with pirates, shall we?

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