Saturday, February 5, 2011

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This paragraph jumped out at me from this article about Israels stance towards a post-Mubarak Egypt; a stance that is summed up aptly as "Apres Mubarak, le deluge":

But many American Jews are also debating the irony of Israel, which long promoted itself as the only democracy in its neighborhood, now voicing concerns about the birth of a democracy next door. And that that democratic movement is happening in Egypt — with all of its historic ties to the enslavement of the Jewish people — is being picked apart in conversations within American Jewish communities.

Granted, the Israelis do have very real security concerns but the point is very valid. It is ironic to say the least that Israel is in a position where it's in favor of democracy for everyone except the people around it. I won't argue whether or not that's a realistic or even moral or immoral position to take. Israels security concerns are very, very valid ones. I just agree that the situation is very ironic.

More on Mark Kelly's decision to command the space shuttle mission. I think it's the right choice to make. He has responsibilities and by all accounts, it's what his wife, Rep. Giffords would want.

Very interesting article here about peer to peer online lending. I like just about everything about it. I can't speak to whether or not it's a secure investment scheme but I really like the idea of removing banks from the lending market and putting it purely in the hands of individuals. To be honest, it sound an awful lot like first-world microfinancing.

This woman isn't just a useful idiot. She's a rotten person. Eve Golinger is an American who's become Hugo Chavez' mouthpiece. When she's not attacking human rights or democracy groups, she takes time to offer up the delightful bon mot that "Belarus isn't a dictatorship, it's socialism", a phrase that could be modified as "those walls aren't white, they're pearl".

Oh awesome! Viva Los Acereros! I love that Mexico's First Lady is a Steelers fan! Love it!

Speaking of football, here's a brainy cheerleader. Good for her but all the same, I'm still thrilled that this will be a Super Bowl without cheerleaders. I think they're pointless and I'm glad the Steelers haven't had them forever. you know... doin' it.

I don't know where to begin with this. It's simply appalling to me on every level:

It is the latest controversial case to come before the Court of Protection, a little-known authority whose proceedings are held behind closed doors. 

Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, its judges have the power to make life or death decisions for people deemed to lack the intelligence to make them for themselves – such as ordering that they undergo surgery, have forced abortions, have life-support switched off or be forced to use contraception.

In the case highlighted in the article, they've ruled that a man with a low IQ and a moderate learning disability can be barred from having sex.

The Chinese Underground. Clearly, China still has some very real issues to contend with before they become a preeminent power. The housing bubble may be the most mild.

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