Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Bahrain has moved to crush pro-democracy protests in its capital. One thing that I find significant is the fact that the majority of Bahrain's police and military are actually foreigners. This reflects the deep suspicion the ruling Sunni minority has for the majority Shiite populace. It also contrast sharply with Egypt's military which is filled by universal conscription. Egypt's military, notably did not get involved in violent crackdowns. This isn't to say that I support mandatory service in the military of course, it's just a stunning indication of what happens when you have a security force that doesn't necessarily share the same interests as the citizenry.

Protests in Libya continue as well. There are reports that the military has deployed snipers against the protesters. Meanwhile, the official government mouthpiece maintains that supporters want to maintain their "eternal unity with the brother leader of the revolution.” Qaddafi by the way, is clearly the messiah of disco:

Naturally, this whole mess is all our fault.

Happy Birthday Kim Jong Il! He will be turning 69-ish. Be sure to send a nice bouquet of kimjongilia flowers! No, I'm not kidding. There is such a thing. Looks like the celebrations will be slightly muted this year. As a party favor he had promised the nation AN ENTIRE DAYS WORTH OF FOOD! Can you imagine the luxury? Unfortunately, that fell through. I can assume that being a communist country, everyone at least got a party hat.

How much is your life worth? Depends on which regulatory agency you ask. On a personal level, I'm glad to see that the FDA considers the lives of smokers like me to be worth a healthy $7.9 million versus a paltry $5 million assessed to those planning on dying from salmonella poisoning.

Watson, and by extension every human on Earth that plans on using tools in the future, wins!!!

Speaking of which, NPR lists 15 shows that could replace humans with robots. What, no "Glee"? Chuck E. Cheese has demonstrated that we already have the technology for singing and dancing automatons.

Kacee Bait:
Do you want to go out to dinner?

I was wondering what he was going to do with that thing: Steelers Defensive End, Brett Keisel will be shaving his beard for charity. Will the clippings be auctioned off? Seems like they should be. Someone could take them home and make a manly sweater.

They may have just found a dastardly, Amish cellmate for Bernie Madoff.

Charming....Here are the oldest known cups and bowls fashioned from human skulls.

News on the evidently doomed Thunder Cat's movie here. I really loved that show when I was a kid and would love to see them do something with it. Something preferably, Snarf-free. However, I must concur with this line from the piece:

Back in 2007, when the runaway box-office success of Transformers taught Hollywood that there was big money to be made in the forceful molestation of cherished childhood memories, it seemed as if no 80s cartoon would be safe from its grubby advances.

Gotta agree. I would personally prefer that my childhood not be lured into a van with the promise of a puppy, thank you very much.

We're either doomed or due some very pretty night skies.


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