Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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The Libyan interior minister has joined other high level officials in resigning or defecting to support opposition protests. Shortly after announcing his resignation, the official Libyan media reported that he had been kidnapped. A quick and terrible thought: As bad as things are now, imagine the horror that will be unleashed if Qaddafi manages to cling to power? Consider the purges that will be conducted. It's a sobering thought to say the least.

Meanwhile in Bahrain, more than 100,000 people gathered in Pearl Square for the latest pro-democracy protest. For a sense of scale, consider that Bahrain only has a population of 500,000...

As instability and massive calls for democracy sweep the region, Saudi Arabia has announced that everyone in the country will get WONDERFUL PRESENTS if they just shut the hell up.

Programming Note: Some readers may have noticed that I've said very, very little (well nothing), regarding the tragic earthquake in New Zealand. The simple fact is: there's really very little I can say about it other than that my heart goes out to the people of Christchurch.

American politicians could learn something from this...Hell, even Berlusconi could: This is what a real political scandal looks like. Why aim low for something tawdry like prostitution when you can get involved in an organ smuggling ring?

Meh. Where the hell has Chuck Norris been during this mess?

Interesting article here about an Annapolis graduate that received an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector. I can't say that I have any issue with that (particularly because he'll evidently have to pay back the money that he would have otherwise spent on his education). I can certainly appreciate that someones political and moral positions can change drastically from the time they're 18. That said, his argument for a discharge is entirely through the prism of his faith. I have no doubt WHATSOEVER that were he an atheist or agnostic, he would still be serving. The mindset seems to be that absent a book of rules and stories, an individual cannot seriously embrace a moral code. And that's terribly, terribly offensive to what I think, it means to be a sentient human possessed of free will and consciece.

Speaking of religion... Meet the Earth's new rulers.

Speaking of the military, here's an interesting interview with one of the first female generals.

Oh. A haircut.

OK...I feel that it's time to call "bullshit": Copying their colleagues in Wisconsin, Indiana democrats in the state house have fled in order to avoid voting on another union bill. What this bill would do, is give PRIVATE sector union employees the right to opt out of their unions and stop paying dues. Personally, I have no problem with collective bargaining. If people want to do it, that's their business. I believe the Bill of Rights says something about "freedom of assembly". That said, people also have the freedom to NOT ASSEMBLE. Private citizens should not be forced into groups against their will. In case you're curious, the flight of the Democrats has also held up voting on a few other bills...Ironically, one would provide a cost of living increase for retired school teachers. But then, they're retired so they're not paying dues, are they?

I hate to say it but our national nightmare continues anon.

I guess it's a slightly more polite name than "fat ass".

I've often wondered if people yapping away loudly and rudely on their cell phones are brain damaged. Yes, quite possibly they are.

The Vatican looks to the stars. There's talk of baptising aliens. Something that might not go over well with these particular ETs.

In other science news, Russians have discovered that beer is alcohol. I sure am glad that we're relying on these guys for all of our upcoming space station missions once the shuttles get mothballed.


I'm pretty excited about the new Nintendo 3DS, it's a really neat use of technology and I'm sure it will make my eyes explode in little puffs of blood and happiness. That said, I have no interest whatsoever in a fishing game. I can't imagine what they're thinking? Has a fishing game ever done well? Ever?

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