Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Periodic Horror

This is not an article for the squeamish. Frankly, it's an article that should be outrageous to anyone with any sort of humanity or moral compass.

I say this with no sense of hyperbole in the context of a day in which I've linked to articles about a mass infant grave in Tanzania and the possible theft and sale of hundreds of Spanish babies.

Humans simply have a very, very special relationship with dogs. Our species have evolved together that way. Without dogs, humans would be very different. Without humans, dogs would simply not be dogs.

I'd say that horses might almost enjoy the same same relationship but it's simply not the same thing. Simply count the number of people you know that own dogs vs. those owning horses.

As such, this sort of thing rises to a horror beyond the gross cruelty of it. It feels like betrayal.

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