Friday, March 4, 2011

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How about that Libyan No-Fly zone? Foreign Policy provides some reasons why it might be a bad idea. A very bad idea indeed.

Tripoli is terrifying. But how will it get better, regardless of who wins out in the revolt?

The Libyan leader’s deadly tactics also suggest just how difficult the animosities stirred up by the revolt may be to bury when it is resolved. In a country bound by intertwined tribal ties, where large extended families make everyone’s business widely known, rebels say that they fear for their lives if their revolt is crushed, and that they know members of Colonel Qaddafi’s security forces must feel the same. 

One Feshloom resident who lost a family member in the protests said the man’s mother had told him: “ ‘I would like to see the Qaddafis killed one by one, and the sons killed first so that he could feel the pain I have felt.’ ”

Hmmm...I might have to reconsider publishing my snarky Daily North Korean Headline. I had assumed based on the rather primitive appearance of the KCNA that they weren't really capable of any sort of malicious computer attack.

Here are scenes from the funeral for Shahbaz Batti. He was the only Christian government minister in Pakistan and now the second official to be murdered for opposition to the country's blasphemy laws. At least this time, people aren't showering the assassin with roses.

Wow...just wow... This is simply terrible. A immigrant woman's feeding tube was ordered removed by a court appointed guardian despite the protests of her six children two of whom are citizens. That's the gist of it. And it's easy to read that sentence and be completely outraged. However, there are some definitely complicating issues involved. I have no idea how I would have resolved a situation like this. I invite you to read the article and decide for yourselves. I am profoundly glad that this isn't the sort of decision I have to make.

Speaking of immigration issues: The Police Executive Research Forum lists concerns among police chiefs about officers being required to serve as immigration enforcement officers as well. They note (I think accurately), that far more crimes will go unreported if victims have to fear being deported if they contact the police for help.

Hitch-hiking is bad.

Just because archeology is awesome.

Just because archeology is awesome, one more time.

While we're on the subject of Rio, I believe their having a minor shindig.

What a shocker! PR firms are using the internet for dirty tricks campaigns. Though the allegations of cyberspying are pretty troubling, the fact that PR firms are using the internet to spread disinformation should come as a surprise to no one. And frankly, isn't the internet a wonderful tool to use to research information and see through patently false statements? This is just another good example of why you should always do due diligence before believing...oh, just about anything.

Huh. Here's some Mom Bait: Oh my... Just in time for Women's History Month. Perhaps a homegrown version of these ladies could give Mr. Smith a visit? I have to say that though there may be arguments for cutting Head Start (I'm not going to weigh in on their merit at this time), Mr. Smith's argument is with out a doubt, the worst I have ever, ever heard.

And to keep things fair and balanced, here's some Dad Bait: A chart comparing the prevalence of Doctors in politics. Well, not real doctors. They're merely PhDs.

Might as well cover everyone. Here's some Sue Bait, some Kacee Bait and some Theresa Bait.

Hey, what's that in your cereal?

Video of a Sarah Palin fan offering typically coherent political arguments is available here. He's "going rogue".

Who's going to be President? Maybe this amphibian. He might have to work on his website though:

Unfortunately, there is not sufficient support for Gingrich’s Web designer: the cheering crowd that spontaneously gathers in back of Gingrich and his third wife is the very same group that once appeared on the Web site of the late senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). According to The Wall Street Journal, “[i]t turns out that the same crowd shot first appeared on the Kennedy site with the words: ‘We are the Democratic Majority.’”

More fun with Newt in front of stock photos here.

I'm going to definitely read this article when I have enough time to spend on it: Spymaster General. It details the exploits of "Wild Bill" Donovan and the OSS. Sounds fun, huh?


Walking home the other day I found myself thinking about a beloved childhood classic: "The Secret of NIMH". If you're not familiar with it, it's about a group of hyper intelligent rats inadvertently developed by the National Institute of Mental Health. Amongst other plot lines, the evil scientists at NIMH are trying to hunt down the rats so they can poke about in their brains some more.

It's a great movie don't get me wrong and I root for the rodents but let's consider: These after all, are rats we're talking about! You know, the horrible vermin that bite old people and babies on the face when they're sleeping? In the movie, they've not only developed metallurgy but magic for crying out loud! They must be stopped, at all costs!

But oh no... They've only just begun.

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