Monday, April 25, 2011

Return of the Morning Blog

...Aaaaaand it's back.

Took a nice, long weekend off with the Girlfriend and DID NOT LOOK AT THE NEWS AT ALL. I presume the republic still stands?

Well, maybe I did look at the news a little bit.

"Hey Good Lookin'!"
Inasmuch as the beautiful Girlfriend has come all the way out to see me and since circumstances til now have dictated that the majority of our relationship has been conducted online, here's an interesting article up at the New York Times profiling people that found love playing World of Warcraft. I found this charming (and from my experience, very apt):

He wouldn’t have gotten Ms. Langman, either. “There’s something magical about falling in love with someone just through writing and then waiting for a reply,” said Ms. Langman, for whom Mr. Bentley once stormed a castle. “It’s evocative of ancient romances where pen-and-ink love letters were delivered on horseback. Just the kind of forgotten world that Warcraft seeks to recreate in digital space.”

Personally, I've never played WoW so I can't really speak to it. I'd be interested to see if players that play attractive, human races tend to have more or less relationships than players that opt to be those terrible, cow things.

An evangelical (read: fanatically zealous) pastor has gone to extraordinary steps to protect the youth from the evil that is homosexuality. Notably, by becoming involved in a kidnapping. Conservatives are typically pretty reliable when it comes to sticking up for the right of parents to raise their children as they would like so...guys? Anybody?

Very interesting article here about wet houses. These are facilities for chronic alcoholics. They're just like rehab only no...not really at all. The alcoholics are allowed to live and do pretty much as they wish. However, by offering them a safe place to do it, the programs are showing some pretty extraordinary successes in cutting down trips to the emergency room or to jail cells. And it also raises an interesting question regarding what I consider to be central to the theory of rehab therapies:

And that, perhaps, is the problem. Hopeless drunks aren't supposed to be happy: they're supposed to suffer until they see the error of their ways and submit to a cure.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with Libya. I had hoped that everything there would resolve itself magically during my self-imposed hiatus. Nope! Still a mess! I think it's going to be difficult for NATO to explain how aiming bombs directly at Qaddafi qualifies as "protecting civilians". That said, they're pretty lucky since we are talking about Qaddafi here. Outside of Venezuela, he's not exactly drowning in international sympathy.

Considering we just ended an epic fight over the federal budget as well as debt, perhaps John McCain might reconsider advocating yet another expensive adventure? Perhaps funding has been freed up for it now that NPR no longer receives federal money?

By the way, there are a few questions the Birthers should raise about McCain's citizenship.

Speaking of messes we're regrettably enmeshed in: For crying out loud, have these people never seen "The Great Escape"? Right now, the Taliban's version of Steve McQueen is zipping all over central Asia on a motorcycle.

And naturally enough, the West Bank remains a terrible, terrible, terrible place.

The Smithsonian would like to show you its booty. Pretty interesting article actually. To begin with, I find archeology to be fascinating. And yes, I agree that there should be laws controlling this sort of commercial excavation which seems perilously close to looting. That said, I have to wonder if absent this private company that recovered the treasure, might it not still be at the bottom of the ocean?

Want to know what Pittsburgh is plagued with? Besides stinkbugs? Do you? Ninjas, that's what.

The only thing I will say about the Wedding (yes, it's capitalized and yes, you know which one I'm talking about) is ENOUGH ALREADY! I can't help but think that the British have bigger things to worry about.

Any thoughts out there on the use of drones in warfare? There are quite a few ethical issues surrounding them. My main issue with their use is that I really, truly believe that warfare should be unbelievably terrible. Always. Imagine the horror of a world where war was easy and inconsequential to those waging it? It's not a pretty world. At all.

Speaking of inappropriate uses of technology...Sigh. Just sigh. The justice department is now arguing essentially, that police can  monitor every move you make, 24 hours a day, for an indefinite period of time without the worrisome matter of a warrant. The government is arguing that citizens traveling on public streets have zero expectation of privacy. Intriguingly enough, the police tend to disagree when it comes to one of them.

Kacee Bait: Well...Here's one alternative to fracking...

More Kacee Bait. This is the first Morning Blog I've done since she's come here so she deserves some extra attention.

Hope everyone enjoyed Easter yesterday in whatever way they felt was appropriate. Inasmuch as we're talking about resurrections, we might as well look to the science of zombies.

Naturally, the coming zombie apocalypse won't matter at all if the bears get us first.

The Last Word on Easter: A history of the peep.

But does it make your voice low?

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