Monday, May 30, 2011

The Morning Blog

Going to have to be a very quick one today, Folks. Blame the holiday.

Anyways, some quick thoughts...

Having nationalized, seized or redistributed everything else in the country, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe turns his eyes to God.

Utah has made gold and silver coins legal tender. They'll be valued at their weight value rather than their face value when making purchases. It seems like it's probably going to cause some headaches. Are retailers going to be expected to not only keep scales about their stores for this sort of thing, but also know the current value of silver and gold?

There are lots of terrible cliches about lawyers being terrible, terrible people. Generally, they're not true.

Snakes on a train.

A little bit of wow.

It being Memorial Day, people will be flying their flags. My personal pet peeve: People espousing rabid patriotism and then leaving their flags out after sunset. If you're going to display a flag, do it properly. And while we're on the subject of celebrating the holiday, be sure to make some decent burgers.

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