Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seen But Not Heard...Or Seen for that Matter

Oh how nice...

Bin Laden is dead and his ideas are being fatally attacked as people across the Arab world take it unto themselves to unseat their autocratic governments without resorting to terrorism or medieval philosophies.

Meanwhile, the Jews have started a newsletter apparently edited by their own version of the Taliban:

Perhaps the ultra-orthodox Jews behind Der Tzitung newspaper could learn something from the Wahhabi kingdom. Last week, the blog, Failed Messiah, noticed that there was something missing from the Hasidic newspaper’s version of the iconic Situation Room photo taken during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. In place of Hillary Clinton, Der Tzitung had Photoshopped in an empty chair. Staffer Audrey Tomason was removed as well. It turns out that, due to “laws of modesty,” the newspaper forbids pictures of women. Thus the editors literally scrubbed Clinton and Tomason from history, violating the terms of use attached to the photo, which prohibited manipulating it in any way. The Jewish daily Hamodia took a simpler approach, simply cropping Clinton and Tomason out of the shot.

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