Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Quick Things

Not doing a Morning Blog today due to adventures in the great outdoors.

If you're curious, during said adventures, the Girlfriend was pooped upon by a terrorist sparrow. I expect our government to dispatch a kill team to hunt this bastard down immediately.

Anyways a couple of quick links:

Way to go France! I knew you wouldn't let the Italians steal your thunder as the land of love. I might just have to stop making fun of Berlusconi.

Mercenaries! Mercenaries! Mercenaries! The most notable thing about this article is that in setting up his new army for hire, former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince made it clear that he wasn't interested in hiring Muslims. Apparently, his impression is that Muslims won't kill other Muslims. This begs two questions: 1) What does that say about Christians who are clearly more than happy to kill other Christians? And 2) Does Erik Prince know anything...ANYTHING AT ALL about the Middle East? Is he somehow unaware that the greatest number of victims of Islamic fanaticism are Muslims?

That's all you get. I'm being lazy today.

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