Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Future

Leonard Cohen on the future:

Harlan Elison on the future:

They want to hire, they meaning whoever is hiring, wish to hire 19-year-olds who think vampires are a brand new idea. They wish to make everybody your age think they are the age of those young women who pose contrapposto in the ads. They are the ones that have closed down every business, everything but McDonalds and BP and Verizon. They draw us all daily into a tighter knot. Everything has become so complex and there’s so little money that they now manage to bring us to the end times in America. I do not see any hope or joy or vigor. I love my country but there’s nothing I can do but hang on, and by hang on it’s get through tomorrow, and so I do.

Me on the future:

Well, at least they're hiring!

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