Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Good morning! You have a new right! It's Christmas in June!

One of Venezuela's prisons is in the iron grip of the "Rabbit".

Alabama has managed to amp up the craziness over illegal immigration. Specifically, they've sent a bill through their legislature that would not only be tougher than Arizona's, but strikes me as specifically targeting children:

Alabama’s bill goes beyond Arizona’s. It bars illegal immigrants from enrolling in any public college after high school. It obliges public schools to determine the immigration status of all students, requiring parents of foreign-born students to report the immigration status of their children.

The bill requires Alabama’s public schools to publish figures on the number of immigrants — both legal and illegal — who are enrolled and on any costs associated with the education of illegal immigrant children.

Why not just go a step further and give the kids arm bands? As long as Alabama is determined to create a class of secondary citizens, they might as well abandon any pretext of subtlety.

The House of Representatives has voted to rebuke Obama over his continued flaunting of the War Powers Act. To recap: The President has taken steps that seriously erode the separation of powers, specifically those covering the ability to declare war. In return, the House has offered a modest scolding. Not enough guys. Not enough by far.

Sadly, this is another pointless action: We lost. Maybe policy makers will listen to this (to say the least), august body:

“Poorly designed drug law enforcement practices can actually increase the level of violence, intimidation and corruption associated with drug markets,” notes the report. It echoes many of the points made in a 2009 by a commission that focused on Latin America but did not go as far as recommending that governments debate and seriously consider “models of legal regulation” of all drugs, not only marijuana.

Maybe now we can stop beating ourselves up about it? Maybe we can find something better to do than imprison millions of non-violent citizens? Maybe we can stop actively subsidizing vicious, criminal gangs? Maybe we can stop pouring more good money after bad? Oh wait... Sean Hannity is apparently concerned about "the moral destruction of a human soul". Obviously, a joint will destroy a soul far more effectively than a stint in prison. Of course.

More from one of the members of the panel here.

Probably someone worth listening to.

Three things typically appear in Pittsburgh's local news: House fires, the elderly and shootings. This story manages to get them all covered.

2012 Watch: The Poetry of Sarah Palin. Please Lord...Make it stop. Shouldn't we be collectively ignoring this ongoing car crash?

Hmm... Nature vs. nurture? Might be hard to determine seeing as how these two brothers (religiously and otherwise), had pretty much the exact same lives.

Always fun: Here's one way to imagine the national debt. The good news is that given that we could stack the money involved and climb to the moon and back, maybe we won't need the shuttle program after all.

Mom Bait: Hey, thanks for the lift. Anyways: Kinda looks like Ron, doncha think?

Didn't think I'd find myself saying this today, but here's an industry that might need a bit more regulation. I'm just glad the audience members weren't left thinking they were chickens.

Wocka wocka.

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