Monday, June 6, 2011

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Looks as though things are finally winding down in Yemen. Following a rocket attack on the presidential palace, President Ali Abdullah Saleh has debarked for Saudi Arabia to seek medical treatment. Though sources say that he intends to return in the next couple of weeks, it's questionable whether or not the Saudis will permit him to go back absent the signing of a transfer of power. Unfortunately, while this stage of the Yemeni insurrection may be coming to a close with the departure of Saleh, problems still exist. His sons still control key military posts and tribal rivalries should keep things much more interesting than anyone wants for the foreseeable future.

More fun from the Middle East: Israeli security forces killed another 22 Palestinian protesters that were approaching the border fence. At this point, I would ask the Israelis: How long exactly are you willing to keep shooting unarmed protesters? It's simply not sustainable. I mean...duh:

Israeli officials, who say they tried every nonlethal method of crowd control at their disposal before resorting to live fire, worry about being cast as the villain but admit they are in a bind.

Something that should have been resolved before we got involved, doncha think?!?!

It's the sort of question that seriously should have been answered prior to us writing a blank check of support for the Libyan insurgency. We DO NOT want another Pakistan:

We have been the enablers of every stage of that wretched state’s counter-evolution, to the point where it is a serious regional menace and an undisguised ally of our worst enemy, as well as the sworn enemy of some of our best allies.

Things are getting interesting in India as well as an anti-corruption protest was broken up by police using canes and tear gas. Mostly, I only mention it as an excuse to use a picture of the yoga guru leading the protests. If you don't listen to his wisdom, you better listen to his beard.

And in Texas, the scourge of dastardly cattle rustlers, continues anon. Hang 'em high!

What is this, the 19th century? First cattle rustlers, now pirates?

Returning to the present day, let's take a look at crimes that do not involve ten gallon hats or eye patches. Specifically, the not-so-wild west that is the internet. I have to say...That's a pretty stunning level of infiltration by the FBI. I'd be very curious to find out why they're not able to reap the same successes with other crimes.

Speaking of the internet and crime...Feel free to follow me on Twitter @CommonMurre. Unless you're French. I'm simply gobsmacked that this sort of thing is illegal.

And sometimes, Facebook friends are a little more real than you think.

2012 Watch: Rick Santorum would like very much to be our Theocrat in Chief. Sorry about the Santorum link. It's gross but obligatory. I'm sad to see that it's fallen to second place when doing a Google search of his name. Anyways, there's not much that can be said about someone who describes himself as a "culture warrior" other than the chilling understanding that a warrior implies war. Do we need a war against aspects of our culture? Isn't that something that just works itself out fine without an executive pledged to combat it?

More on that old time religion here.

In other news of 2012, expect a horror movie at your local cinema.

Johnnie Edwards most clearly, will not be running in 2012. He's gearing up for his day in court. His legal defense can be summed up nicely as "Look, I may be a total scumbag...

Dad Bait: A breakfast with string theorist Brian Greene. I wonder how many dimensions he ate his bacon in?

More Dad Bait: Sorry but your Mac might not be all you think it is.

This is nice: Plessy and Ferguson.

And this is even nicer! Sweet, sweet justice: A couple foreclosed on a bank.



Pretty harsh headline here: Left-Winger Wins Election, Markets Plunge. Nothing better than a candidate that promises that the poor will have their fair share of absolutely no money whatsoever. Seriously though, I don't think that Peru really had any sort of feasible choice in this election. On the one hand, we have a socialist who's managed to scare money away from Peru, not unlike the situation in Venezuela. On the other hand, we have Fujimori who has some pretty serious baggage as well. It's hard to ignore the fact that her father, the former President, is currently in prison because of the minor issue of utilizing death squads.

Speaking of pinkos... I think this brouhaha can reasonably be filed under "First World Problems".

Games get dreamy.

Deja vu.

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