Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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What else can I say other than that Pakistan has ranked up another victory in its war on the war on terror? It's sad to say but at this point, they're just humiliating us. They arrest some of the C.I.A informants that were critical to getting Bin Laden and our response is to discuss possible "restrictions" on the $2 billion we give them annually. At this point, Pakistan is behaving like America's abusive boyfriend. No matter what they do, we seem to keep putting out.

As opposed to Pakistan for example, these guys are operating on a shoestring. Seems like a bad idea though...

That said, the good money we throw away after bad in Pakistan is still only a third of what we waste on ethanol. Nice to see that Democrats and Republicans can at least agree on one thing: They're terrified to even look funny at farm subsidies. Quote of the Day:

“Parochialism trumps the best interests of the nation,” Mr. Coburn said after the vote.

And Quote of the Day, Part II:

“We simply can’t afford to pay the oil industry for following the law,” said Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine.

On a completely different topic, here's your Quote of the Day, Part III:

"The lawsuit contends that law-abiding citizens' constitutional rights are not, cannot and should not ever be 'collateral damage' in the government's war on drugs."

Speaking of the drug war, we really, really, really need to start worrying about Mexico. That said, there are things we can do to be helpful (decriminalizing drugs in order to wreck the profit motive that's fueling the violence would be a good start), and things we can do that would be less helpful.

2012 Watch: Meanwhile, the GOP field calls for peace, love and understanding. Certainly, that's all well and good. Who am I to complain about anybody calling for less war? However, I think it's just typical of American politics. Politicians will always reverse their positions when they're practiced by the other party. Were a Republican President conducting the wars in Afghanistan and Libya, I'm quite certain every one of these candidates would be calling them exercises in expanding freedom or some such drivel.

In other 2012 news, Romney is a dork.


And more awkward. Sort of puts the Anthony Wiener nonsense in perspective don't you think?

I am extremely proud to say that I did not click on the link to the shirtless image of Newt Gingrich. I'm better than that. So there. Anyways, anytime I look at him, I always think that he should have a gravy stain on his shirt. For a man that wants to be President, he seems awful disheveled.

If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have... On a personal note, we talked about this case last night at my store. We laughed and laughed...But then I suppose the wild west that is Wilkinsburg is a bit different. Criminals in my neighborhood generally prepare for crime a bit differently than making a stop at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I mean seriously, even British criminals have the sense to bring swords.

Speaking of crime, America's leading bigot and supporter of terrorism (but the cute, Irish kind), Rep. Peter King continues his scare-mongering. What's particularly tragic about this is that it completely misses the larger issue. Though it is conceivable that an extremely small number of people of all ethnic or religious backgrounds may be radicalized by a stint in prison, the far more pressing concern should be the ludicrous rates of recidivism. Focusing on Muslim radicalization is beyond pointless.

I can sympathize with these folks. Though I don't have to deal with a mysterious hum, I do have a neighbor that's mysteriously decided to blast the same mix tape over and over again every single day this summer. If I hear "You Are My Lady" one more time, I'm going to burn their house down.

Here's a bit of positive news: The internet just got a little bit freer. Kudos to the judge in this case. The sort of actions being undertaken by Righthaven make a mockery of intellectual property rights.

Sadly, here's some negative news. Stupid courts. They give and they take.

Speaking of the internet, LulzSec is taking requests. Any chance the TSA has a website?

Must be lunchtime.

Kacee Bait: Here's a good example of using Occam's Razor: You can either assume that crop circles are the weird graffiti of space traveling vandals with a vendetta against cornfields, or you can assume they're a bit more terrestrial in origin.

Fashion police.

The rich and their bitch.

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