Friday, June 17, 2011

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Foreign Policy asks: "Mr. President, please stop insulting us."

For my Massachusetts People: Congratulations on winning the Stanley Cup! I can take comfort knowing that at least a team wearing the black and gold triumphed. I see that Vancouver has reacted with typical Canadian reserve.

Wait...what? The Falkland Islands are still an issue? How is this even possible? I was of the understanding that the Argentinians and British had resolved their spat over who owned what chunk of rock and what sheep decades ago.

I see Al Qaeda has a new person for us to kill. Ayman al-Zawahiri is the new boss. Defense Secretary Robert Gates provides your Quote of the Day regarding why it took so long to find a replacement for Bin Laden:

“It’s probably tough to count votes when you’re in a cave.”

In all honesty, the man sounds perfectly dreadful even by the admittedly low standards of Al Qaeda. From what I gather from the article, he's considered to be very difficult to work with. For example:

One dark tale from Mr. Zawahri’s past is recounted in “Growing Up Bin Laden,” a 2008 memoir by Bin Laden’s son Omar bin Laden. He describes an episode in Afghanistan in the 1990s when a friend — a teenage boy — was raped by several men in the camp where they lived. The men snapped photos of the abuse and circulated them as a joke.

Mr. Zawahri was incensed by the photo, believing that the young man was guilty of homosexual activity, Omar bin Laden wrote. Mr. Zawahri had the teenager put on trial and condemned to death.

Not exactly the sort of person you want in charge of HR. Anyways, here are some management tips.

This is interesting: Scientists have created brain implants that restore memories for rats. I was tempted to insist that scientists go out at once and watch "Willard" as a cautionary tale before they fiddle around with those bastards anymore. However, it really is quite remarkable. What's especially interesting to me is that the implants are able to essentially record the actual memory and relay it back to the rat. If the technology is advanced, conceivably you might come home from vacation with much more interesting things to share than some photos.

Speaking of photos...

And more photos...

Need a lawyer in 15 minutes? There's an app for that. Pretty interesting service. Its purpose is to get lawyers to clients almost immediately. While I think that that's a pretty great idea and hopefully could help reign in on some abuses by police, I have to wonder: who on Earth would want to get a monthly subscription for this sort of thing?

Well, maybe these folks. Am I reading this article correctly? Is 'raid' the correct word to use in this? If so, I can't comprehend why that would be justified. Hard to imagine the reasoning behind kicking down the door of someones house because they possess a monkey without a permit.

The revolution will not be televised. However, it may crap in your yard.

Well what do you know? Pivoting off that last post, here's your Daily Dose of Synchronicity.

Here's something new for you to worry about: the sun will be hibernating shortly.

Might as well worry about extra-terrestrial, shape-shifting squid while we're at it. Wanna argue about it?

Kacee Bait: Astonishingly enough, a house fire that did not occur in Pittsburgh.

Speaking of fires...

Heads in the clouds.

Sigh...I can't help myself. Weiner pulls out.

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