Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Screw the drug trade, uranium is where it's at.

Here's something else to worry about while you're at it. Once again a nasty virus is lurking about porn sites. That strikes me as interesting actually. Why do these things always end up on porn sites? Granted, pornography is the most popular thing on the internet so there's a reason to target them. But still, it seems like there's a certain prudery amongst hackers. It's almost as if they want to punish people that want to look at boobs.

A year of living dangerously. So long guys. Don't let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit ya.

Calling all gingers. You know it's a recession when children are lining up to get a job as an orphan.

Anyone else find this ironic?

Anyone else find this charming?

Speaking of charming...

Quote of the Day: "...The operation is limited in time and scope." And yet it keeps going and going and going...When considering Libya, it's important to recall Obama's assertion about it lasting "Days, not weeks". Unfortunately, the only accurate part of that statement is the "not weeks" part.

Oh, I love this idea! The only thing I can say about it is that it should be expanded upon, particularly to cable companies that tell you they'll be there between "noon and four".

Former drug csar William J. Bennett argues against legalizing marijuana. 34,000 dead Mexicans beg to disagree.

This is a pretty depressing review of the current state of space exploration. I'm not saying that it's necessarily inaccurate, merely depressing. Personally, I think it's inevitable that humanity will leave the Earth in large numbers. As noted in the piece, the Earth has a diameter of 7,926 miles. There's simply not going to be enough room for all of us. Even though space exploration is unbelievably expensive, I think it needs to be funded. Right now, we might want to go to space. But sooner or later, we must go to space.

Speaking of travel, here's a harrowing account of a North Korean defector. A major problem facing defectors is an unbelievable amount of culture shock:

She had spent almost every month of her 21 years until now focused on finding enough food to stay alive, and the abundance and choice around her were dizzying.

Rhee had just emerged from three months in Hanawon, a resettlement centre about 12 miles from Sowun, where new arrivals are taught how to go to the shops and how to use a mobile phone. But it is also an experiment with broader implications. Teams of psychologists and sociologists are watching Rhee and her fellow escapees to help plan for the day North Korea finally implodes and the South has to cope with 24 million inmates from the world's biggest prison.

Another defectors story is here.

But hey: Legos!

I'm sorry to see that England has decided to join the circus that is transportation security. For shame. I thought the British were supposed to be dignified.

It is unknown whether or not any TSA agents were involved in groping.

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