Thursday, September 22, 2011

2012 Watch - Good News, Bad News Edition

It's unusual for me to give kudos to FOX news but...I'm happy that they've decided to give time to (extreme longshot) presidential candidate, Gary Johnson tonight. I agree with the Guardian. He's simply too rational and realistic to fit in to the general GOP zeitgeist:

But in the eyes of debate gate-keepers, what sets Johnson apart are his views on social issues (as well as his libertarian position on immigration). On these, he has more in common with the rest of America (which is lackadaisically libertarian when it comes to other people's drug use and sex life) than with the rest of the GOP. And while our antiquated and unfair primary system (which has a lot in common with the debates) means that only candidates who can appropriately mouth the social conservative views of the Republican base have a chance at the nomination, poll after poll indicates that these are not the issues that will decide who actually becomes president. However outside his path to the GOP convention, Johnson's inclusion in the debates leading up to it could pull the discussions themselves further towards relevancy.

Meanwhile, front-runner Rick Perry has released this piece of apocalyptic lunacy:

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