Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Sorry but this is Interesting Too.

Functional Iron Man suit. Pretty interesting stuff. But I'm sort of wondering about the economics.

Specifically, why market it towards the military? I assume that Raytheon is doing it because a) Well....they're a military contractor and b) Because it's undoubtedly an unbelievably expensive piece of equipment and the military is the only group that could conceivably buy a few. .

But obviously, there's a huge market for this sort of thing. Who in a warehouse wouldn't want one? What construction worker wouldn't salivate at the thought of this thing? I'm sure Raytheon is well aware of this.

I have the sense that if they were able to sell it to a gajillion construction companies, warehouse owners....hell, the Post Office, then economy of scale would allow them to keep the cost fairly reasonable. So why not sell it to the quasi-average joe?

I guess my other wonder is: having sold it to the military, will they even be allowed to market it to civilians?

Just wondering. Anyways, click on the link if you're interested in seeing a guy in a metal suit punch through some planks of wood and lift things.

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