Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning Stuff

I just ate a banana.

I'm trying to be healthier in the morning. Something other than COFFEE, SMOKE, COFFEE, INTERNET, INTERNET, SMOKE, SMOKE, COFFEE.

So hey, a banana. Someone told me they're full of healthy stuff like potassium, or riboflavin or fairy tears or something. All I know is that they're long and yellow, make pretty good toy guns in a pinch and monkeys will shank a nun to get one.

Anyways, let's get into it.

Howard Stern has bedbugs. That doesn't really surprise me. I always thought that he looked infested. But evidently there are bedbug sniffing dogs? That's new to me. When were these animals trained? Somebody must have really been planning in advance.

What happens to laid off police dogs? I sure hope Wando doesn't end up just sitting around.....Gettin' drunk....Yellin' at the wife.....Cursin' out those job stealin' immigrants....

Colbert bait. Pretty interesting stuff actually, but seriously science! Enough! Get with the flying cars and deathrays already!

Why won't he just go away already? Can we all agree that making stuff up doesn't count as journalism? Ever?

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