Sunday, October 3, 2010

Football Post Mortem

Baltimore managed to squeak out a win against the Steelers. Evil is victorious and the skies have fallen.

Quick thoughts....

An absolutely stunning goal line defense at the end of the game by the Steelers. I want to say things like: Stout! Resolute! Indomitable! And other things best said by Victorian Englishmen.

Not too pleased with our offense in that game. Anyone else get the sense that following his stellar performance last week, Batch was going to Wallace a bit too much on the long throws? Wallace is a monster but it felt like Batch was looking for a home run every time he went for a pass.

I am begining to wonder about Jeff Reed. I think he's a baby and it's affecting his performance.

All in all, gotta say that I'm pretty happy right now. 4-0 would have been lovely but considering the circumstances (Quarterback whack-a-mole), I'm happy to take 3-1.

Oh my! I've just learned that Joe Flacco tortures dogs, is mean to babies and wants to steal your car.

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