Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Obama's Profound Lawlessness, Cont. Part 1 1/2

I'm not quite ready to respond to Andrew Sullivan's post regarding the presidents power to have someone dragged out and shot.

I'm being glib. And it is a good post and worth reading. And I think, wrong. Deadly wrong.

I'm not going to respond to his positions in this post. I know that's really not the right thing to do. Rather, I'd like to consider this post as an outlay of my opening statements in a debate (a debate that Andrew Sullivan certainly doesn't know he's having with me. But it makes me feel important). That said my understanding is:

1) A probably dangerous American has been targeted by the President for execution without judicial review.

2) The position of the administration is that not only can they target an American for execution, if they can identify him as an enemy combatant, but it is appropriate to use the State Secrets doctrine in situations when the right to have someone killed is challenged in the courts.

3) And the guy being targeted? Really, really probably a terrible bucket of shit.

So that's the bare bone understanding of this situation. I tried not to be too partisan because I want to approach this with an open mind, but I'm sure that my feelings on this matter came out.

To whit:

The President doesn't get to put out fucking hits on people. Ever.

Anyways, I hope to put a more reasoned post on this tomorrow.

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