Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Death

I've noted before my love of obituaries. As morbid as it might seem, what's not to enjoy? Each and every one is a life encapsulated. They are neat, they are tidy and they are as often as not, amazing stories.

So another interesting person has died. Regardless of how you feel about the way he made his living, the world is yet again, a slightly, very slightly smaller place.

His empire began in London in 1965 with a bank loan, an idea and an accident. The loan was for $1,170. The idea was a new magazine with nude photos to outdo Hugh Hefner’s Playboy. And the accident was an old mailing list, so that promotional brochures with pornographic samples went out to clergymen, schoolgirls, old-age pensioners and wives of members of Parliament.

Quick question: Should obituaries be a regular feature here? Should I make them conveniently searchable? I think yes. Let me know if you have any interest in it.

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