Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yeah, That's Great But...

... Why are we still here?

The Taliban are a nasty, nasty bunch of central Asian rednecks. However, beyond their (for them, far, far more so), unfortunate relationship with al Qaeda, have they ever shown any sort of international scope beyond their immediate region?

I mean seriously, nobody from the Taliban is ever going to fly a plane into a building because for the most part, they've never even ridden in one. They're hillbillies that accidentally stumbled across rocket launchers (well, we gave them to them but anyways.).

Clearly, nobody wants to see a Taliban led government emerge in Afghanistan. But it's not going to happen. They're perfectly aware of the fact that NATO is more than happy to bomb them back into the mud age, or whatever preceded the stone age, in that eventuality. Assuming they possess any degree of common sense they really don't want to paint that target on their backs.

That said, does anybody really prefer the vastly corrupt Hamid Kharzai government? Are we seriously willing to empty our treasury and die so this guy can further rob his country on our buck?

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