Monday, November 8, 2010

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Well, this is unusual...It appears as though Nicuragua has invaded Costa Rica because of an error on Google Earth.

Obama has announced support for India to join the UN Security Council as a permanent member. Indian reactions appear to vary from "Yay!" to "Meh." They're already hugely influential in the G-20 and have pretty realistic qualms about the continued relevancy of the UN. Personally, I think the permanent make up of the Security Council is pretty archaic. It's basically just a hodgepodge of whoever fought the Axis close to a century ago.

Looks like Olberman will be back on the air on Tuesday. It's pretty sad that Leftists are celebrating this as MSNBC "folding". Frankly, I'd expect better from them than joy at the prospect of a resumption of clearly heavily biased reporting.

My friend works for Amazon and I'm wondering what his role was in this. It seems like the sort of thing he'd be up to. Anyways, now when you get crap from Amazon, you'll have a convenient way to dispose of it.

Pittsburgh Watch: I'm thinking he probably didn't put 'armed robbery' down as a relevant skill on the job application...

Queen Elizabeth II is now on Facebook. And no, she doesn't want to be friends with you. As of yet, no news is available regarding her position on "Farmville".

The al-Awlaki case goes to court today. From the good people at the ACLU:

"If the arguments that the government has made in this case are accepted, then the president will have the unreviewable authority to order the assassination of any American whom he labels an enemy of the state," Jameel Jaffer, an ACLU lawyer who will argue part of the case to Bates, told Reuters.

Yep. That's pretty much exactly what the government is arguing. My own thoughts here and here.

Here's what your great, great, infinitely great grand-parents were doing when they weren't being magically produced from mud by some sort of Sky King/Burning Bush creature.

Sorry, that was a little snarky. I apologize.

In order to make amends, here's Andre the Giants mug shot.


I wondered why everyone was so jumpy down at the retirement home. Oh well. At least she's keeping active.

And finally...

This might be the better mousetrap.

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