Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year End Wrap Up, Wrap Up

Everyone else seems to do a yearly wrap up. Why shouldn't I wrap up their wrap ups?

As an appetizer...Let's look at some of the Best Dishes of 2010. Regrettably, if you don't live in New York City, the odds of you eating any of them are pretty long. Long indeed. Anyways, they look delicious.

I should mention on a personal note, that I'm waiting for some fish to thaw so I can COOK, COOK, COOK.

New Years Resolution: I've decided that I'm never going to buy any of the crap convenience food available around my job ever again. I'm not a bad cook. I can certainly set aside the time to take care of what I have to do before I go in. And anyways, if I ever eat another Hot Pocket, I'm going to cut out my tongue. Clearly, I haven't been using it to taste things.

Hi the Girlfriend! Here's the Guardian UK rounding up the Pop Music Scene for 2010. As far as I'm concerned, the only song that really mattered this year was this one:

New Years Resolution: Try to give pop music a chance.

Because the Guardian really is good for this sort of thing, here's 2010 in pictures!

New Years Resolution: Take more pictures. Especially of the people I like and love. This for example, isn't an appropriate image to use of your roommate:

Here are the thing things that beeped and whirred and made your life better: The Top Gadgets for 2010.

New Years Resolution: Get some useful kitchen gadgetry. I hear mandolins are handy things.

Here are politicians that died in 2010.

Here are real people that died in 2010.

New Years Resolution: Pivoting off the dead politicians, I think it's important that I start putting my money where my mouth is. Specifically, I lean heavily towards Libertarianism. One of the basic mantras of Libertarianism is that private groups can and will pick up the slack in the absence of government programs. That said, I simply have not been a very charitable person in my life. It's high time I change that and literally put my money where my mouth is. If anyone has any suggestions for decent organizations, I'd be glad to hear them! I'm leaning towards groups that promote personal independence, enhanced freedom and disrespect towards authority in pursuit of strong ideals. Good examples might be: battered women's shelters, civil rights organizations and Doctors without Borders. Any suggestions are much appreciated though.

I wonder if I'll actually hold to these resolutions? I generally never make them. We'll have to see.


365 Days in 60 Seconds.

Harrowing, horrifying, hillarious...Brilliant, beastly, beautiful.. Awesome, astounding, agonizing...Good night, 2010.

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