Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Morning Blog

Good news for the Steelers! Troy Polamalu will play against the Browns today in the final game of the regular season. In case you haven't been paying attention, the Steelers will be going to the playoffs regardless of how this game turns out. However, if we win (which we more than likely will), we'll be the second seed and get a bye week to rest up. Hopefully, won't get injured again today. Missing him in the playoffs could be disastrous.

Onward Brothers Winklevoss! The Facebook fight is rejoined!

I can't say that I care much about college football but Pitt fired the coach they just hired. Considering that a Pitt player was recently arrested for throwing a man through a window, it's probably a good idea to not have someone accused of domestic abuse shaping their young minds.

Weather in the South has been a bit strange this winter, what with crops freezing in Florida and what have you. However... 1,000 dead birds falling out of the sky over a small town in Arkansas is taking things a bit far.

Hope I don't have to read an obituary: Chuck Berry collapsed on stage. Well, maybe not. He's either perfectly ok or not. Confusing.

It appears as though Nicholas Cage's role as UNGAGJUNODC has failed to slow the spiraling profitability of the Afghan drug trade. Anyone else think that legalization would render this problem moot?

Speaking of Nicholas Cage and things to spend drug money on: Accused arms dealer, Viktor Bout has rejected a plea deal.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. Why? Because I am watching the Steelers utterly OWN the Browns right now. I think Wallace has what, 100+ yards receiving right now? Polamalu picked up an interception on the second play...This is turning into a rout.

The flooding in Australia sounds awful bad. I'm a bit leery of any disaster that's described as 'biblical' but really, it just sounds awful. There's a risk that homes will be invaded by poisonous snakes and crocodiles which justifies my reluctance to ever live near anything that threatens my place on the food chain.

Sounds like a fun, though tacky place. Unfortunately, it's in Syria. Still, I think the article takes an optimistic tone. It sounds as though Syria might be trying to move away from its religious extremists.

Speaking of fun in the Islamic world...

Gonna wrap this up. The score is now 21 to 3. Polamalu has started doing his Superman schtick where he leaps over the offensive line to tackle the quarterback instantly.

So finally...

Hollywood's year of deja vu.

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