Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl

My co-workers around noon, when joy and optimism still ruled the Mon Valley
Well, the big game came and went and sadly, the Steelers simply don't get to be champions of the Universe this year. It's a shame honestly. It was a very special season to say the least. Not only did the Steelers overcome the hurdle of playing without their star quarterback for the first four games (not to mention an unseemly amount of confusion about who our replacement quarterback would actually be), but on a personal level, it was a pretty significant season. as well. This was the first season that the Girlfriend really got interested in football.

That pretty lady right there.
It was an interesting thing for us. Not only to maintain a relationship from thousands of miles apart, but to also maintain a shared fandom.

Probably the funniest feature of this season would be IMing the Girlfriend during the game. Usually, she would have to resort to watching it online. As a result, situations would emerge where I was often typing in joy after a gorgeous catch or punishing tackle seconds before she got the chance to see it. It irritated her because it ruined some of the suspense but I like to think it gave her the chance to experience watching football...With psychic, future-telling powers! Or something.

Poor Clyde. Even his Olde English tastes like hard work.
Also on a personal level, I have to note that we got KILLED, KILLED, KILLED at work yesterday! We had to face down an endless, mad horde of football fans. The store was instantly filled the moment we opened the door. People had been camped out in the parking lot for at least 1/2 an hour before we started doing business and people kept coming to the door half an hour after we closed. It was simply unending.

We managed to plow through it though but after that amount of work, I think that the least we deserved was a win.

Sadly it wasn't in the cards. And now it's a gray, Mudville-sort-of-day in Pittsburgh. There's a pretty good rundown of the local reaction here. Yeah. Open weeping. Might be a bit much but hey, we love our Steelers!

Next year....

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