Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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The situation in Libya is dire. The town of Zawiya has been encircled and appears to be completely cut off by pro-government forces. Meanwhile, an oil facility has been destroyed, apparently due to an airstrike. My first thought was that hitting an oil facility simply makes no sense. Why destroy a non-military installation that feeds the economic power of your country? Assuming Qaddafi retains power (hopefully, he does not), he might want that thing. But then I recall reading elsewhere, that the only institution that wasn't completely gutted during his regime was the Oil Ministry. This could be a preemptive strike to limit their ability to operate in the future.

And what on Earth could a high ranking member of the Libyan military be talking to the Egyptians about? I'm betting he's pushing for a closed border so a proper massacre can begin.

Pretty good argument for the US to impose a no-fly zone and pretty damn quick. Granted, I agree that it would be easier than in Iraq and sure I believe that any outcome with Qaddafi retaining power is unacceptable. However, I'm quite certain that both Britain and France feel the same way. We are a bit busy right now, what with two other wars going on and all that...Perhaps they might step in on this one? France particularly, is a bit closer.

As if Qaddafi didn't have enough to worry about...

Iran continues to not be helpful. That said, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

And an Egyptian blogger presents a look at what happened at the march for women's rights in Tahrir Square.

One detail that leaps out to me in this article about a horrific gang rape is that it takes just 12 short paragraphs until interviewees tell the reporter that the victim dressed inappropriately. Clearly, the 11 year old was just asking for it.

Nice Twist: I've already denounced Rep. Peter King for being a McCarthyite for launching a witch hunt into the Muslim-American community. Hadn't expected that I'd be able to call him a hypocrite as well. It's ok though. He only supports Irish terrorism and that's quaint, involves folk music, white people with cute accents and picturesque scenes like this.

Kacee Bait: Magical thinking and celebrity guitars.

Kacee Bait: An old man in a funny hat preaching revolution. I can't take a side one way or the other on the pamphlet he's produced that urges peaceful resistance to the “international dictatorship of the financial markets” (the very, very profitable pamphlet that might get a forward written by multi-millionaire George Clooney), having not read it. However, he has certainly led a fascinating life. Interesting article, Babe.

And more Kacee Bait: Here's a photo gallery of when he was merely "The Goblin Prince". Yes, it's a "Labrynth" reference.

Pennsylvania's Senate has passed a bill to expand the "castle doctrine". Currently, someone can only use deadly force if they're within their home. The new bill would give people the presumption of legality if they can prove that they used deadly force because they reasonably believed that they were in legitimate danger. Even if they've done something crazy like go outside!

Just in time for Lent: Taking the booty out of the bible. Huh...Pretty interesting. The new translation replaces "the virgin shall be with child" with "the young woman, pregnant and about to bear a son".

Sue Bait: Let's hear it for the nuns!

Spoke about this yesterday in the Morning Blog. It's deeply confusing to me. Someone who worked at NPR said some mean things about the Tea Party during a private conversation. Is that surprising to ANYONE? And if so, what's the rent like under your rock? And now people are getting fired? Why? This is ridiculous. The implication is that employees can expect termination for discussing political beliefs privately in a restaurant. That's insane.

Hate to say it but once again: People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Researchers have confirmed, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

In other science news, filling up your tank might require a bit more privacy.

When Tokyo reached 1800 degrees. Not to be ironic, but the story is chilling.

The pizza joke is too obvious. Let's go with a caesar salad.

Why is the internet a success? Here's a good reason: It gives you the opportunity to read an Arabic newspaper critiquing a Chinese newspaper critiquing an American nutjob composed of tiger blood.

An amphibian squirms.

And finally, yet another stupid criminal.

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