Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Us?

It's necessary for the United States to get involved in another war why? Leslie Gelb opines:

Doubt not that those pushing for a U.N./U.S. no-fly zone can enforce that goal themselves. Libya has less than 200 usable jet fighters of old vintage, flown by pilots who get less than 90 hours practice time yearly. Egypt has first-class F-16s that could pulverize any Libyan opposition. Saudi air power is even more formidable. That is to say nothing of the hundreds of top-grade fighters that London and Paris could deploy to bases in Egypt, Tunisia, or Italy. There would be no contest. Those arguing for a no-fly zone don't need a U.S. aircraft carrier. If the stakes are anywhere near as great as activists claim, they don't need a U.N. Security Council resolution either. Many is the nation that resorted to force without such international blessing. The hypocrisy here is monumental, even by traditional foreign-policy standards of baloney.

Frankly, I think the countries calling for a no-fly zone are making a rational decision based on history. From Korea to Vietnam to Nicaragua to Kuwait to Bosnia to Somalia, when has there ever been an internal conflict that the United States hasn't been happy to stick it's nose into?

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